Search UBC Training Centers Throughout North America

Map Functions

  • Click and hold your mouse anywhere on the map to manually drag your view to another area. Use two fingers to adjust on mobile devices.
  • Zoom in and out with the + / – controls in the bottom right, and take the map into “full screen” mode by clicking the box in the top right.
  • Click any pin on the map to display more info. The popup window that appears can be closed by clicking the x icon in the top right.

Map Key

  • Each pin on the map represents the location of a UBC Regional Training Center in North America.
  • Each blue pin represents a group of Training Centers who share the same address. Clicking on a blue pin displays individual pins for each location.
  • Clicking a pin displays a popup window with more location info. The “MORE INFO” link shown in this window opens the Regional Training Center’s page to get more details.